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Hey There! 

I'm Sara (she/her/hers). I'm a licensed clinical social worker and certified trauma professional. I provide individual therapy in NC. I am passionate about helping emerging adult and millennial women and gender expansive folks navigate the wild ride that is adulthood. I specialize in treating anxiety and trauma related disorders.

My Educational + Professional Background

​Before I became a therapist:

I obtained my Masters in Women's and Gender Studies from UNC Greensboro in 2014. While in this program my research and practical experience focused on the intersections of gender, sexuality and interpersonal violence (IPV). From 2013-2016 I regularly contributed to See The Triumph, a research-based public awareness campaign designed to share empowering messages that people can overcome abuse. Upon graduation I began working at NC State's Women's Center as the Rape Prevention Education Coordinator. In this role I provided campus wide IPV education and acted as the university's  primary victim advocate for student survivors of IPV. While I loved my job at State I still felt unfulfilled career-wise. After a brief quarter-life-crisis(ish), some introspection, and self-work I found my way back into grad school. I obtained my Masters in Social Work (with a clinical focus) from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2019. While in the program I received training in Meredith College's Disability and Counseling Center. 

After obtaining my MSW:

I began working part-time as a counselor for an employee assistance program, providing short term solution focused therapy and crisis intervention, and part-time with Counseling Professionals PLLC. In 2020 transitioned to providing individual therapy full time. In 2022 I completed a S.A.F.E. EMDR (Safety and Attachment Focused Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) training with Personal Transformation Institute. This training consisted of 20 hours of didactic learning, 20 hours of practicum and 10 hours of case consultation. S.A.F.E. EMDR allows me to facilitate the most safe and efficient way to implement EMDR Therapy. My educational background coupled with my professional and personal experiences gives me a unique understanding of emerging adulthood and the impact trauma has on our mind and body. I continue to receive consultation with experts in the field of EMDR therapy and services for gender expansive folks. 

The Fun Stuff

I'm a northern transplant born and raised in Connecticut. I was a first-generation college student and student athlete (softball pitcher). I have three rescue Beagles and a step-cat. When I'm not in the office you can find me trying my millennial hand at TikTok, attempting to honor my Italian heritage by recreating my nonie's sweet recipes, dancing to a T.Swift song (OG Swiftie circa 2007 here), lifting weights, or listening to Audible smutt. Oh, and of course you can catch me in my own therapist's office!

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